Motorunit en sturing, Ditec TOP 603 Sectionaal en Kanteldeur opener, tot 10m2

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Ditec TOP is the new, faster, quieter and more powerful belt drive unit, all in an elegant, modern design.
The TOP range includes a powerful 600 N and a 1000 N motor which allow doors of up to 210 kg and over 17 mq surface area to be controlled at speeds up to 17% higher than previous products.

Ditec TOP is amongst the safest products in its category and meets the highest safety standards. In addition to complying with current European Regulations (CE mark) regarding electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, it also bears the GS quality mark (Geprüfte Sicherheit - “Tested Safety”). This is certified by TÜV, an independent international certification body spe-cialised in technology safety and quality evaluation.

Technical features

Low consumption
The direct-current 24 V DC motor reduces electricity consumption and the stand-by function minimises energy wastage when the door is not in use (the courtesy light also switches off automatically).

Silent operation
Ditec TOP is a latest-generation belt operating unit made with top-quality materials. The powerful 24 V DC 600 N or 1000 N motor, the soft start and stop, and the ball bearings installed on the transmission make it a perfect example of silent operation.

Safety comes first
Ditec TOP incorporates a gear block which prevents unauthorised opening of the door from outside, and the Gol 4 remote control, which uses a rolling code, is impossible to clone.In environments where children and animals are present, Ditec TOP is the ideal solution, thanks to its courtesy light, automatic obstacle recognition (with reverse motion), adjustable soft start and stop, option to install a safety edge, emergency release system from the inside or the outside (optional) and much more.

Assisted installation
Installation is even simpler and quicker; where there are no particular set-up requirements, the self-learning function guarantees that Ditec TOP is ready to go in just a few steps. Even in more complicated scenarios, the guided menu is there to help you.

Additional benefits
Ditec TOP is the most convenient choice, designed for professional installations and in full compliance with the current standards.


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